What Do Today’s Homebuyers Want?

March 15, 2022
Team of Architects

New home buying trends are always evolving, but recent major domestic and economic shifts have accelerated changes that influence what buyers want in their new homes. Things like location, attractive finishes, and larger floorplans will always remain at the top of buyers’ wish lists, but during our decades delivering real estate sales and marketing services in California and Nevada, we’ve had a firsthand look at how their other wants are changing.

Savvy builders are constantly evolving their designs and real estate sales and marketing processes to resonate with homebuyers.

So, what do today’s buyers really want? Read on to find out.


Though their new home may be part of a planned community, buyers want as much customization as possible. Builders must provide options that enable buyers to make selections without slowing down the builder’s ability to deliver a finished product on time. Luxury homes generally allow for more options, since these buyers expect a high level of input at this price point. However, builders can create the same experience in more affordable builds by offering a limited set of attractive options with confirmed availability from vendors.

Larger lots

Because the COVID-19 pandemic kept people at home for so long, many homeowners took on a new appreciation for their outdoor spaces. Today’s homebuyers want big yards and lots of space to play. Builders must carefully consider the layout of each lot to deliver an expansive feeling in a limited footprint.

Some builders may not have the luxury of offering spacious yards, especially as the profitability squeeze gets tighter due to high prices for undeveloped land. In these cases, builders should pay careful attention to the community’s layout, incorporating recreation spaces into common areas that reflect popular preferences like outdoor entertainment, interaction with nature, and spending time with pets.

Flexible indoor spaces

Work-from-home, homeschooling, and the uptick in multi-generational living are all major shifts that have happened within the last few years. Buyers want their indoor spaces to do double duty whenever possible. They’re looking for additional home office space or quiet areas for kids to complete schoolwork. As older and younger generations mix, builders are incorporating more single-level and open floor-plan options into their designs to serve the needs of this growing demographic.

Frequent communication

The sale process can be long and frustrating for buyers, especially due to materials delays and other hiccups caused by supply chain disruptions. Buyers appreciate being kept in the loop every step of the way. Real estate sales teams should reach out proactively to share updates with buyers via newsletters, email blasts, text messages, and good old-fashioned telephone calls. Not only does more information calm anxious buyers, but personalized communication also strengthens the long-term relationship between builder and buyer.

Energy efficiency

Buyers are paying closer attention to the benefits they’ll reap by owning an energy-efficient home. California builders are already operating under Title 24 energy efficiency standards but going above and beyond what is required by law is a major selling point for today’s buyers. We recommend highlighting the advantages of energy efficiency in your real estate marketing efforts. Buyers will appreciate the education on how their new home is saving them money as well as saving the planet.

To learn what buyers want, just ask

Buyers are eager to share what they love—and what they don’t like. Too many builders lack a process for soliciting and incorporating buyer feedback, so they lose out to competitors who take the time to listen.

At The Advantage Group, buyer feedback drives much of our real estate sales and marketing decision-making. By issuing regular surveys to buyers throughout the sales process, we can provide more effective guidance to builders on everything from style trends to what messaging resonates with buyers. This insight is invaluable. Without accurate feedback from buyers, builders are flying blind.

Contact our real estate sales and marketing experts to learn how you can gain an advantage with homebuyers.

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