Market Intelligence

Sharpen your perspective with comprehensive real estate market analysis

You can’t avoid the unknowns in real estate development, but you can make them much easier to manage. Our experienced real estate sales and marketing experts conduct exhaustive research into your proposed market, laying the groundwork for faster new home sales and locking in your competitive edge.

Competitive Market Analysis

Get the true lay of the land before breaking new ground. We immerse ourselves in local area markets, analyzing historical data and drawing on our lengthy industry experience to provide constructive insights and reliable recommendations. This detailed real estate market analysis helps you gain–and maintain–an advantage over your competitors. Our Competitive Market Analysis includes:

Land Development Study

Our comprehensive Land Development Studies include Competitive Market Analysis as well as a deeper dive into the factors impacting your project’s profit potential. Equipping yourself with crucial information from this in-depth real estate market analysis increases decision-making confidence and enables you to adjust project strategies early on. We deliver research-based data and recommendations on:

Feasibility Study

Resolve any additional unknowns by conducting a full Feasibility Study. Our expert-authored Feasibility Studies include Competitive Market Analysis and Land Development Studies, delivering detailed insights and reliable future projections into opportunities and limitations that may not be immediately apparent.

Project Recommendation Report

Buyer tastes are never static. If you’re not building homes that match today’s expectations, homebuyers will look elsewhere. Based on information from our in-depth Competitive Market Analysis and proven industry forecasting insights, we provide fact-supported strategies for building homes that attract buyer attention.

Pricing Recommendation Report​

Maximize profitability projections by right-pricing products from the start. Building on a comprehensive Land Development Study, our Pricing Recommendation Reports are based on current comparative market analysis, as well as insights gained from our decades-long history in area home sales.

Buyer Survey

Learn what products and messages resonate with area buyers. As part of our own real estate sales management process, we obtain valuable buyer feedback. We now offer this detailed research collection and assessment as a stand-alone service for builders and real estate groups who want to achieve greater visibility into what drives purchase behavior.
“We appreciate the breadth of knowledge and market intimacy that The Advantage Group brings to our planning and development efforts. They have been an integral part of our planning team and have contributed to the overall success of our planned community’s portfolio.”
Randy Sater
StoneBridge Properties, LLC
“The team at The Advantage Group is experienced and well-versed in the Central Valley real estate market. Their suggestions on locations, plans, specifications, and pricing have assisted in all phases of my projects. I would highly recommend them to any developer or builder who needs professional sales and advice in the single-family home market.”
Dennis Bennett
Bennett Homes Inc.
“I have known The Advantage Group for more than 25 years and have enjoyed collaborating with them in the market intelligence sector of their business. They are an experienced team of professionals and are always a pleasure to work with.”
Greg Paquin
The Gregory Group

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