Why Sacramento is a Great Place to Call Home

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Why Sacramento is a Great Place to Call Home

Home prices are rising in many markets all across the United States right now, but few places are seeing as much growth (and resulting attention) as Sacramento.  Long-time Sacramento residents find this no surprise since they’ve long known what a special place their city is. But what are some other reasons for considering this fine city as your home? If you’re considering moving to Sacramento, or you are currently renting here but are considering putting down more permanent roots, what are some reasons why the Greater Sacramento region is such a great choice? Here are a just a few quick takes on why we love this city:

  • Family Fun – Sacramento has a lot of recreational activities to offer the many families living in the region. Between the multitude of parks, museums, sports venues, and other special annual events, there is no shortage of things to do all year long!
  • Parks – Did you know that Sacramento was recently ranked number 2 in the nation for best parks by the Trust for Public Land organization? Sacramento has been praised for its easily accessible, roomy and well-equipped parks. Local favorites include McKinley Park in East Sacramento, William Land Park in the Land Park neighborhood, and downtown’s Capitol Park. Why not visit these parks and see for yourselves why they are so beloved by Sacramento residents?
  • Dining – One of Sacramento’s hidden gems is its restaurant scene, particularly in the downtown area. Our restaurants offer diverse choices for “foodies” and rival larger cities in areas of quality, variety, and price. Sacramento also offers a lot of great options for those that like eating local and organic food.
  • Travel – Sacramento is a great place to live if you like to get away for the weekend – Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Yosemite, Napa, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and many other great vacation destinations are all within just a few hours’ drive from Sacramento.
  • Education – Sacramento is home to many excellent schools, including some top performers on the Academic Performance Index. The Greater Sacramento area boasts well-regarded universities and colleges, including Sacramento State University and the University of California Davis.    

Even with the current rise in prices, Sacramento is still considered an affordable place to live. And for all the reasons above (and for many more which didn’t even mention), we think Sacramento is a great place to call home!

If you are interested in purchasing a home in Sacramento, we’d be happy to help you in your search. Please let us know how we can help!

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