What You Can (And Can’t) Ask Your Real Estate Agent

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Buying a new home can be an intimidating process. Having a real estate agent you trust can help you navigate the process easily. In times of uncertainty, your realtor becomes your go-to for answers. However, there are a number of questions that your Real Estate Agent, legally, can’t answer.

In a recent article from Forbes, they layout FIVE questions that your real estate agent legally cannot answer.

1. What kind of people live in the building or neighborhood?

Real estate agents cannot legally profile the “type” of person who lives in an area or building, as that would violate fair housing laws, warns Michael J. Franco of Compass. “For instance, I would never say ‘this is a family building,’ or, ‘very few families live in this building.’”

Answering this question results in “steering,” explains Jeremy Kamm of Warburg Realty. “By virtue of stereotyping a neighborhood or a property, I am in fact discriminating against said neighborhood or property,” he says. “As agents, we cannot in any way aid in a decision that has the ability to be discriminatory.”

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