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Blog Post: Making Your New House a Home
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So you’ve recently purchased a home, now what?

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Blog Post: Talk to Me – 4 Tips for Better Communication
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How can we improve our ability to connect with our clients, colleagues and others?

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Blog Post: Appealing to the New Generation of First Time Home Buyers
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How can NAR’s latest Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers help you to reach out to first time homebuyers in your market?

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Blog Post: Home Ownership – My Story
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I bought my first home late last year. I wasn’t exactly the kind of person who dreamed my whole life of having a home of my own…

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Short Sale Q & A
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3 common questions and concerns about short sales and tips for how to make the short sale process a smooth one.

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First Time Home Buyers Series – Part Three
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What are some practical tips to ensure your home shopping experience will result in finding the home that’s right for you?

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First Time Home Buyer Series – Part Two
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How can you make sure that you get connected with a real estate agent that is a good fit for you?

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Qualifying for a Home loan
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This blog post begins a three-part series designed to answer common questions and concerns from first-time home buyers.

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Blog Post – It Never Hurts to Ask!
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How often does just pretending we know the answers ever work out in our favor?

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Blog Post – Taking Pictures
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Now that nearly half of all real estate transactions start online, quality pictures are more important than ever before…

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Blog Post – Closing Costs 101
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Armed with a little knowledge, even the most inexperienced buyers can feel prepared for this step and equipped to negotiate for fair closing cost expenses.

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Livable Design Documentary
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Last month on the blog, we talked about the increasing demand for home design that…

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