How Google is Changing Downtown San Jose

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It’s been no secret that tech giant, Google, has been buying up land in the San Jose area. Google has been planning on revamping the downtown train station and what, for years, has largely been an industrial area into a densely packed extension of downtown San Jose.

The Mercury News recently published an article detailing some of the tech giant’s plans. Google is planning to build a major campus with offices, homes and commercial space near Diridon Station. But the station itself is also set to get an overhaul because city planners expect it to serve thousands of more travelers in the coming years.

The main reason? BART is extending from the East Bay through downtown San Jose and eventually to Santa Clara. At some point, high-speed rail could also connect Silicon Valley to the Central Valley.

Another big change? San Jose’s height limits. For years, the SAP Center has been the tallest building near the station because of the planes flying into nearby Mineta San Jose International Airport. But the City Council recently voted to allow buildings more than twice the height of the arena in the area — so Google and other developers will have more access to real estate in the sky than ever before.

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