Getting a Quality Home Inspection

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Why Should You Get a Home Inspection?
Part Four: Getting a Quality Inspection

In recent weeks, we’ve been discussing the merits of home inspections – for buyers and sellers, on homes both new and old. But how can you ensure that you are getting a quality home inspection?

The value of your home inspection will depend largely on the quality of your home inspector. What should you be looking for when you hire an inspector? Here are two keys to achieving a quality home inspection:


You may want to save a little money by hiring a friend who is house-handy to perform an inspection for you. Big mistake! Anyone hired to inspect your home should have the training and qualifications necessary to perform a sound inspection. This includes meeting, or exceeding, state licensing requirements. A good home inspection company will require that its service professionals have rigorous training and meet ongoing quality review standards. How can you verify this? Ask! You should always feel comfortable asking a home inspector for their credentials and experience.

Additionally, it’s important to work with an inspector with a good reputation. Ask others you know who’ve recently gone through the home inspection process if they had a good experience with their inspector. When considering using a home inspector or inspection company, ask for referrals. A quality company or inspector will happily provide these.


Depending on the size of the home and other details, a home inspection will generally last 2 – 4 hours. It is crucial that you attend the inspection. It gives you a chance to see what the inspector is doing, ask questions (as you will likely have many), and give him a chance to explain his process and findings. This doesn’t mean you have to crawl underneath the house with him or follow him onto the roof. But being available in person gives you an invaluable opportunity to ask questions and feel confident that your home inspection is being done thoroughly.

Some people might be inclined to worry that they will annoy a home inspector by asking many questions, but a quality home inspector will both expect and welcome questions and appreciate the opportunity to explain his process and findings in better detail. So don’t hold back. A good home inspector will never be annoyed by your interest in your future investment.

It’s true that there are many factors to consider when arranging for a home inspection. But the satisfaction and confidence that a good inspection provides is surely worth the effort!

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