Now is the time!

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Now is the time!

A message from Kevin Coates, President of The Advantage Group:

The news is in for Sacramento area renters – rental prices are on the rise! In fact, rents are rising at their fastest pace in years. Increasing demand and lack of new rental supply will continue to boost rents for the next few years.
With home prices at all-time lows and rental costs escalating, this may just be a perfect opportunity for some to look into the possibility of purchasing a home. Mortgage rates continue to be favorable and in many cases your mortgage payments may be lower than your rent. is one resource that can help you compare the costs of renting vs. buying a home. Click here to access the calculator.
If you have interest in owning your own home, why not take a look at real estate in your area and talk with your bank about financing opportunities? Now may be the time for you to own your own home!

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