Why Should You Get a Home Inspection – Part One

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Why Should You Get a Home Inspection?
Part One: Homebuyers

The process of purchasing a home can be stressful, especially for first-time homebuyers. There are so many different recommendations on a myriad of subjects that you will receive from friends and family, from your real estate agent, and from others, that you can end up feeling overwhelmed. But there is one piece of advice you should never ignore when shopping for a home: Get a home inspection!

Since home inspections are not cheap, many are tempted to skip this process. They might assume they know enough about home repair to do their own inspection or that if they are purchasing a new home they don’t really need an inspection. What are some good reasons that all homebuyers, and even home sellers, should get a home inspection? Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing a four-part series on our blog related to the following questions: Why should a homebuyer get an inspection? Why can a home inspection be valuable to home sellers?  Why should you get a home inspection even when purchasing a new home? How can you ensure that you are getting a quality inspection? This week we will consider the question:

Why should a homebuyer get an inspection?

Remember that Tom Hanks movie from the 1980s – The Money Pit? It tells the story of a young couple who are buying their first home on a budget. They think they’ve found the home of their dreams – until the stairway starts collapsing, and the bathtub falls through the floor, and the chimney breaks into a million pieces, and…well you get the picture. The point is, without a proper home inspection, that could be your future life story!

It can be a challenge for some homebuyers not to get emotionally attached to a home as soon as they see it. Shopping for a home can feel like falling in love – you feel convinced you’ve met the home you want to grow old in! However, it’s best if you can keep your emotions in check until after a home inspection has been performed. An inspection will help you see things in your prospective home that you may not notice at first blush, things that are under the surface. This is invaluable in helping you make a truly informed decision to purchase.

Unexpected repairs are one of the things that all homeowners, especially new homeowners, dread. A thorough home inspection from a qualified professional will give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you are buying. An inspector will not only be able to tell you about the overall condition of the home but about potential trouble spots or aspects of the home that might need repair down the road. This can really set your mind at ease as you proceed with your purchase – or conversely, help you avoid a money pit of your own!

But home inspections aren’t just for homebuyers. Next week on the blog, we’ll discuss this question: Why can a home inspection be valuable to home sellers?

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