Blog Post: Home Ownership – My Story

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Home Ownership – My Story

I bought my first home late last year. I wasn’t exactly the kind of person who dreamed my whole life of having a home of my own. Actually, just the opposite. I tend towards commitment phobia and even the idea of becoming a homeowner brought no small amount of fear with it. I vowed to be a renter for life. But being a renter working at an office full of Brokers and Realtors® is no easy task. Over time, they wore me down. After a lot of hand-holding from a patient Agent and a lot of time spent searching for the right house, mortgage, etc., I made the leap. And somehow, seemingly overnight, I started noticing things I never noticed before.

For instance, door knobs. House address numbers. Plants. Things I gave little thought to before I owned my own place all of a sudden became completely fascinating to me. I even started caring more about things in my home that I’d had for years but never given much thought to. “I should get that picture re-framed.” “I should buy some different pillows for my couch.” After 10+ years of adult life without a proper dining room table, I finally got one.

When a home goes from being a place you live to your place, it does inevitably change your feelings toward it, like the difference between holding a stranger’s baby and holding your own baby. It gives you a strong urge to beautify your surroundings and makes you more aware of possibilities, even some blue sky fantasies that are just plain fun to dream about.

Whenever I listen to a story about the U.S. economy, I always hear the words “real estate” or “home sales” in the same breath. Real estate is the engine that drives the economy. Home building creates and sustains jobs for a multitude of trades. But beyond even job creation, home ownership can exert a powerfully positive effect on the economy. Having taken more trips to Home Depot in the last 5 months than I have in my entire life previously, I can testify to the truth of that statement.

Home building and home sales still matter. They matter more now perhaps than ever before. People, even the most stubborn among us, are still being won over to the idea of home ownership, still having their fears quelled. There is room for optimism.

Trust me.

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