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Options for Homeowners of All Ages

Recently, the Sacramento Bee featured an article about the increase in senior co-housing in and around the Sacramento Area. Co-housing communities allow seniors to own their own homes but share common areas with their neighbors.

What’s behind the increased interest in senior co-housing? Simply put, older adults are looking to take control of their own housing situation. While acknowledging their changing needs, they also want to retain their freedom and independence. This is just one more reason why the work that Livable Design by Eskaton is doing is so valuable to today’s homebuyers.

The Livable Design program provides home builders the opportunity to offer homes that have the flexibility and adaptability buyers are looking for, without having to compromise on aesthetic appeal. And the benefits are enjoyed not only by older adults but individuals of any age who want a home that can adapt with them as changes occur in their lives. Design elements like wider doorways and hallways and step-less entryways make life easier for both older adults and families with young children or members with special needs.

Clearly, as homebuyers of all ages continue to play a more active role in choosing accommodations that fit their needs, programs like Livable Design will increase in relevance. Are home builders in your community using this valuable tool?

Visit Livable Design’s website to find out more about their unique vision:

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