Active Adult Home Buying is BACK!

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the housing market is still as in demand as ever. Home sales were up in August and September and there haven’t really been any signs showing October to be any different than it has been in years past. With the safer in-person sales that have been implemented throughout the country, active adult homebuyers are venturing out and are ready to buy. Adult buyers have clear priorities of wanting to be near children and grandchildren, and as more people are moving to the suburbs or states such as Florida or Arizona, the grandparents are going to want to move that direction as well.

In a recent article from Real Estate Consulting, they write that “the pandemic hasn’t changed the size of the active adult population or its motivations. The active adult buyers are a key component of housing demand, as the 65+ population will grow by a net 17 million people over the next ten years. We know one of the highest priorities for this buyer set is being close to children and grandchildren. This means that as the Great American Move takes place in hot markets from Phoenix to Southern California’s Inland Empire to Sarasota, Florida, active adult buyers are following.”

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